A summer of achieving huge milestones

By Emma Hartley

From being out in France covering the Women’s World Cup to a BBC Kick Off placement in my local area what a summer it has been for me so far.

This summer has certainly been a huge one for me where I’ve not only developed as a young football journalist but where I’ve developed as a person. I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone, worked hard and done things I thought I never would which has built up my skills and made me even more confident working up and away in this incredible industry.

My summer was well and truly kick started when I flew out to France with the University of Derby for the Women’s World Cup in June. I flew out there so excited and determined but I also traveled out into the unknown. I didn’t know what to expect and what was going to happen. However, I was ready to push myself out of my comfort zone the minute I got out there as that is installed into me and my work ethic. It can be hard to do that sometimes and it is very challenging but every single time I do it I feel so proud of myself and hit huge achievements.

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The trip was absolutely incredible from start to finish and I really did live a dream for two and a half weeks. From being in press boxes, press conferences, on the radio, having work published and vlogging I truly did make the very most of every single experience.

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As many of you know I have my very own YouTube channel- Emma CFC TV and when I was out there I decided to vlog every single day from the minute I got on the plane to travel out there until I stepped off the plane to come home and return to my family. I am very passionate about vlogging and even more so when I was doing it in a different country. I find vlogging so enjoyable and one of the main reasons I do it is to bring fans with me on the experience that aren’t able to go to the games. I was privileged enough to be able to go to many games in Nice and Montpellier but I know a lot of fans weren’t able to go due to work commitments and finical circumstances etc so I felt so content being able to bring the experience to them all and so that they could feel involved and like they were out there too.

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I was happy with the vlogs I made out there and I was proud of myself for doing a vlog every single day because it is a large commitment and you have to be dedicated to it for it to be successful which I was. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone especially on the match days. Before every single game I went outside the stadium and I talked to a diverse range of fans gathering all their pre-match thoughts and opinions. I love going up to random people and speaking to them and finding out their stories it is so interesting. Talking to people you don’t know is also an essential part of journalism so I was really happy with how that all went and I also met some great people through it. Also the growth of the Women’s game is really important and very exciting so I was also happy to bring a new and different segment to my YouTube channel.

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I also had the privilege of interviewing the different women players out there in the mix zone some of which were Chelsea players which was a dream. Also I got to meet Steph Houghton and Emma Hayes which was an incredible experience and one I will never forget.

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During my time out there I received a phone call from my local radio station- BBC Radio Cumbria asking if I would like to go on the radio. I was so honored it meant the world to me to be asked to do that and I enjoyed it so much. There and then I found my passion for radio. I have always had a huge passion for broadcast but this was a new and unfound love of mine and something I definitely look to purse. When my time came I was so excited and all my family listened back at home which meant the world to me. I also felt very emotional to go on because my Grandad passed away in April and he always use to listen to that station when he was alive so I knew he would be looking down on me and would be so proud. Then BBC Radio Cumbria contacted me again four days later and asked me to come on again which I was so proud of I truly loved every moment.

Also something truly incredible happened on the trip which was definitely a massive and memorable highlight to me. During a press conference after one of England’s games I asked a question to Phil Neville about Georgia Stanway and she is from my local area. I got such a brilliant and positive response and that was the first ever question I had asked in a press conference in my life so it gave me such a big confident boost. Afterwards I offered the audio to BBC Radio Cumbria and it went out on their social media and on the driving home hour radio show which I was so pleased with.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better with the radio I then received a phone call from BBC Radio 5 live and they wanted me on to also talk about the Women’s World Cup which was another milestone. To make four radio appearances out in France in just two and half weeks was insane and it motivated me even more.

During my time out in France I also had nine pieces of written work published with Football London, FA WSL Full Time, She Kicks, Manchester Evening news, Get Reading and The Mail (my local newspaper at home in Barrow). I have a passion for writing and I also write for the Chelsea Echo but I knew before going out to France I needed to boost my confidence with writing. However, I can now say that has changed and I feel more confident when it comes to writing especially because of the World Cup that contributed to that. I felt so proud to get that amount of work out there and also I had a piece published in the Barrow newspaper which meant a lot to me as I also got it printed in the local print version as well which was brilliant and it got sent home to my parents which I was so proud of.

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Furthermore, before going out to France I applied for a BBC Kick Off work experience placement. I knew it would be perfect for me. This placement offered ten days of work experience at my local radio station at home- BBC Radio Cumbria for 5 weeks, 2 days a week. Also, it offered two days of intensive training at BBC Wood Norton. After I had sent my application in I was then shortlisted for an interview. During my time out in France I had a phone call interview one afternoon then a day later I found out I got the place, so out of all the people that applied in Cumbria I was the person that got the only place that was on offer to the entire county. It was another incredibly proud moment for me personally and something I was so happy to get because to work with the BBC is incredible and I knew it was going to develop my skills even more.

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When I come back from France a few weeks later I travelled down the country for the two day training course. It was a very intense but valuable and brilliant two days and I learned a lot. I met thirty one other BBC Kick Off reporters and we did all sorts from radio, to online, to broadcast and print. We were pushed out of our comfort zone and tested which truly developed me and boosted my confidence. Day one of training we looked at BBC sounds, iBroadcast & metadata training, cue & script writing, interview skills and iPhone filming. Then on day two of training we looked at the BBC Values, audio editing, social media, radio reporting & presentation and interview filming & photography. We learnt a lot and it set me up perfectly going into my placement.


The following Monday I started my placement. I commute early every morning to my placement and it takes an hour and a half each way. The experience so far has been amazing. I am in the news room every single day of placement which is brilliant to be surrounded by many other journalists and radio broadcasters and reporters. I have picked up so much valuable advice already. Also, I have sat in on radio shows and bulletins which is brilliant to see how it is all done and how it all works. Also, on Friday evening I sat in with my mentors on the hour sports programme from 6-7. It was great. Also on Friday I had two radio appearances I was on BBC radio five live in the morning talking about Chelsea FC and then on that same day I was on BBC Radio Cumbria with a radio package I had created in the day.

On Friday I went out into Carlisle city centre to talk to Carlisle fans ahead of their season starting the next day. I did vox pops then took them back to base and edited them all. I worked to deadline and I got them done to the highest possible standard. My mentor then checked them and he didn’t need to edit or change one bit of it, it just then got broadcasted straight onto live air which was a huge achievement for me. To not even have my work edited one bit shows it was completed to a very high standard. When it got broadcasted out that night it was such a massive achievement at the end of the day because I had worked hard on it throughout the day and then it was out live. I knew I had achieved something big.


Now I am currently half way through placement and I have four days left. So far the experience has been brilliant and I can’t thank everyone at Radio Cumbria enough because they’ve made me feel so welcome and gave me such a great insight into what it is like to work for the BBC.


So, it is fair to say it has been a truly great summer and the skills I’ve gained and are continuing to gain are really helping and developing me as a young journalist. I am very much excited for the future.






England U19’S 4-1 Czech Republic U19’S- On the whistle match report

By Emma Hartley

Bukayo Saka’s impressive brace helped England U19’S beat Czech Republic 4-1 at St George’s Park in a qualifier for the Euro’s.

Goals from Bukayo Saka, Marc Guehi and Daniel Loader gave England a confident win at home putting them in a good position heading into the last two qualifying games.

The England U19’s now have two games left to play in this qualifier as they take on Greece this Saturday and then Denmark next Tuesday afternoon.

England started out very strongly inside the first ten minutes of the game. The Young Lions controlled the run of play which Czech Republic struggled to encounter.

Despite a good start from the home side the visitors soon reacted.  Jakub Selnar curled in a goal, 20 yards out with ten minutes on the clock.

However, England didn’t waste any time. Bukayo Saka smashed the ball in the right-hand corner of the net one minute after Czech Republic’s number 12 had scored. Putting the sides equal.

The Young lions continued to hold the possession which frustrated the visitors. In the 44th minute of the game the Czech Republic showed their annoyance as David Snajdr pulled down England’s number seven Ian Poveda. This resulted in a penalty being awarded to England.

England then had their chance to score a winner just before half time however, Poveda missed the penalty for the Young lions much to their dismay. It was 1-1 at half time.

However, England did not drop their heads and kept pushing. Their efforts were awarded four minutes into the second half as a quick flick goal from the Chelsea youngster Marc Guehi took a deflection and flew past the visitor’s goalkeeper Matej Kovar which gave England the well-deserved lead.

56 minutes in Saka grasped a brace as he put himself on the score sheet once again. The youngster shot from the left-hand side of the box and then swiped it into the right-hand corner of the net. This put the home side 3-1 up with just over half an hour to go.

England didn’t leave it there they wanted to finish the game in style. Daniel Loader scored an 85th minute goal which finished the game off nicely for The Young Lions as they now head onto two other hard qualifying games.

Being a 19-year-old female football vlogger

By Emma Hartley

My name’s Emma Hartley and I’m 19 years old. I’m a huge Chelsea fan (even though I’m northern) and have been ever since I was nine years old. My Dad has always been a massive Chelsea fan so I just followed on. I’m also a Football Journalism student at The University of Derby and I have a football-based YouTube channel called Emma CFC TV. I have been running my channel independently for three years now and it is mainly Chelsea based where I produce previews, reviews, cover general football news and create match day football vlogs.

It’s fair to say that the football media landscape has changed a lot over the years especially in comparison to when my Dad was my age supporting the Blues. We now have social media and the internet which covers the beautiful game in many different angles. When my Dad was younger there was none of that he just had the TV or radio. Coverage of football was nothing like it is now.


Things have changed and the times have changed. We are now living in 2019 and the internet is so advance and it will only keep growing and get better. I personally love what the internet has to offer in relation to football content. Anything from putting a tweet out there on what you think about a game or how a certain player is playing to broadcasting your voice out there on YouTube. I love the way fans can discuss things together and have debates. It’s great that people can still go to the pub for a pint with their mates and discuss it or if they can’t get to a game, they can have that conversation over social media instead. Fans have options and can communicate in many different ways which is great as not everyone can get to every game due to things like financial reasons, transport, location and ticket availability.

I go to many games home and away in a season as I can, whether that be with friends or my Dad. As well as that I create a lot of Chelsea football club related content for my channel. I love it so much and that’s why I have continued it since I started. I love sitting in front of the camera and broadcasting my views out there to thousands of people. However, putting yourself out there on YouTube is great but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to the feedback you get. When I started my channel in January 2016, I used to get very upset when people commented nasty comments towards me as I had never witnessed anything quite like it online before. Nether the less that all quickly changed. I’ve always been a very determined person and that’s the attitude I carried throughout. I didn’t let anybody get me down and I continued producing content and putting my voice out there which I love to do.

On YouTube and any platform really if you put your voice out there you need to be able to handle the back lash you can get off that. You need to have a back bone in order to survive and that’s why I would say I’m doing what I’m doing now. If I had initially given up when them people started giving me abuse when I started out at 15-year olds, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m currently doing now at 19 years old.

My channel used to be so small I started with 0 subscribers and I didn’t really have a large social media presence. Nobody knew who I was. I was just a Cumbrian girl from a small town up North supporting Chelsea football club. Now, I have over 3,000 YouTube subscribers, 24,000 Instagram followers and 4,000 thousand Twitter followers which I am continuing to build on and grow day by day. Also, I’m part of a fan movement with FIFA and I’m on a Football Journalism course at The University of Derby. When I go to games people recognise me now. I’ve even had people ask for photos with me and I’ve even had somebody ask for an autograph once before.  Things have quickly changed for me and I am so thankful for that. There are many negative comments put my way however, the positive ones always over shadow them. I am always so thankful towards them people that support me it means the world to me.


The most controversial videos I make and the ones that get the most back lash are the football vlogs I create. Within a football vlog I’ll basically film my match day, my journey to the ground, I’ll try and always get fans thoughts and I’ll film small snippets during the game with my thoughts and opinions. However, this does not take over my full day. I don’t film every single thing I do however, vlogging is a part of my day and what I do but I do not stand in any ground for 90 minutes and film the entire thing. I will film important moments like goals or sending offs etc. If I didn’t want to do it I wouldn’t. I do it out of pure enjoyment. As well as the fact of my love for filming it I also enjoy editing it and putting it out there for everyone to see. I sometimes like to occasionally go back on my YouTube channel and rewatch old vlogs it always brings back great memories.

Although this is my case and how I feel some fans feel that vlogging takes over a person’s match day. @LukeThrower45 said on Twitter : ‘’I’m not a fan of it personally. Don’t mind the half time/full time reviews but during the game feels like it breaks the immersion. Won’t stop people doing it, just wouldn’t do it personally.’’ @EJStockdale said on Twitter: ‘’I don’t mind a vlogger who does a reaction at full time or half time, and makes content they enjoy. I just have a problem if they constantly record throughout, such as a few Arsenal fans did recently against Spurs.’’

There are many reasons as to why I vlog at football games. First of all, I enjoy it. I love broadcasting my opinions and getting them out there for people to debate with me and share their thoughts and opinions. Also, I love to bring the match day experience to fans that can’t attend the game. Chelsea fans live all around the world meaning they can’t get to games so to be able to bring that match day experience to them is great. Some fans definitely see the advantages to this however believe there are still issues with it. @Hollyyclayton believes: “Those people who can’t afford a ticket/have travel difficulties/disabilities or illnesses can feel as though they are there and it’s inclusive but for the vlogger it can result in them not getting the full experience of the game as they are focused on making the vlog perfect!” @georgestonham said: “Good in the sense that it allows people who can’t go to the game to experience a different form of game content and views of the creator but negative in the sense that I feel that if an increasing amount of people did it, then it could detract from the atmosphere.” @Deanocx said: ‘’Not my cup of tea as I believe it takes part of the enjoyment away from specific moments, don’t get lost in the moment without worrying about the camera. However, if not recording all game most are quite interesting to watch and especially good for fans who don’t/can’t attend.’’

I also believe other fans from different football teams might enjoy watching them and seeing what it is like to support a different club and go to their games in comparison to what they do as a fan for their team. Also, something that is truly upsetting and frustrating about football nowadays is the ticket prices. Fans can’t always afford to go to games aswell! Fans don’t just pay for their match day ticket they have got travel expenses, food expenses etc, so I like to take people with me so they can have an insight into the match day experience and feel like they are there with me.

I personally faced a massive back lash of hate after my Chelsea VS Manchester City vlog at Wembley for the Carabao Cup final. Most of the hate comments come off Twitter after I posted a trailer preview for my vlog. In the trailer I was in tears and it was nothing but passion bursting out. However, I had a back lash of many different nasty comments from all sorts of people. One individual told me to ‘die’. Other people said I was attention seeking just to get money and views. Many people may be shocked to know this but I don’t actually make money out of YouTube currently so there was no way I was doing it for the money. I wanted to show my emotions and what it meant to me as a fan to lose in the final. I wanted to show the people that weren’t at the game and within the live atmosphere how it felt and I wanted to provide raw, unedited emotion which is what I aim to do with all my match day vlogs.


To receive the amount of hate comments that I did made me more determined than ever. A few weeks later I went to Chelsea VS Wolves at Stamford Bridge and I stuck to it and vlogged once again. Before going into the ground, I was sat in the pub with my friend and a middle-aged man suddenly walked up to the table at first, I wondered what on earth he was going to say. He then said: ‘’I love your videos Emma, keep up the great work.’’ It truly made me feel so happy and emotional inside. For somebody to recognise me like that and praise me meant so much. I also had people recognising me and know my name as well which shows how far I’ve come. On a match day they close the road up Fulham road and I stood in the middle of the road with fans vlogging with hundreds of people walking past. I really faced the music that day and made sure I was seen. After all the social media abuse, I had received two weeks before that online I didn’t have one person confront me or complain at me. That really shows the power of the internet. People will be key board warriors thinking they know it all but when it truly comes down to it when they see you, they would never walk up and say anything.

Some people believe that vlogging is ruining football. Some of them people feel so strongly about it that they think it should be banned. However, my moto is as long as you aren’t affecting anybody or getting in anybody’s way it is fine. If you blocked peoples view with your phone etc that is not ok. However, some of these people that are complaining about vlogging and saying that it is ‘’embarrassing’’ and ‘’unnecessary’’ are the ones that will still take pictures and film parts of the game themselves. I don’t think there is much of a difference as to whether the camera is panned round on you or the pitch, it is pretty much the same thing in my eyes. Also, many fans film chanting at games and film the goal celebrations after a player has scored however if I did that, I would still receive a back lash of comments.

As @georgecoombes_ said on Twitter: “If you pay the entry fee you can do what you like.” At the end of the day it is an individual’s match day experience and an individual’s choice-they can do what they want as long as they don’t intrude on the people sat around them. I believe if you don’t like something don’t watch it.

I believe football vlogging is a truly interesting and exciting video type and I feel it is enhancing the game not killing it.

5 key talking points- Tottenham 1-0 Chelsea

  1. Impressive performance from Callum Hudson-Odoi

Callum Hudson-Odoi was named on the starting 11 team sheet against Tottenham Hotspur tonight. This is a massive achievement within itself for a player of his age. Once again, the 18-year-old was given the chance and he delivered. He was very aware, he made good runs, he was fast, made intelligent passes and positively contributed to the team. The youngster was not scared of any other player and he did test the well organised Tottenham defence.

  1. VAR caused debate

The VAR was a huge talking point taken away from the game tonight and caused a massive debate. This saw Chelsea goal keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga sliding and tripping Tottenham striker up Harry Kane. The huge question was if it was offside or not. Sarri himself came out after the game and said that it was offside and the penalty should not have been awarded. If Kane wasn’t given the penalty the game would have went very differently. This caused Chelsea to be very angered by the decision made. Therefore, the technology is questioned by many people as to how reliable and accurate it really is.

  1. Harry Kane’s goal gave Tottenham the win in the first leg

Harry Kane scored the penalty for Tottenham Hotspur in the 26th minute of the game. This led Tottenham to win the game. Tottenham will therefore travel to Stamford Bridge later this month holding the advantage after tonight’s victory as they take Chelsea on in the 2nd leg of the League Cup semi-final. The tensions will be very high as everything will be to play for.

  1. Hazard’s talent is wasted in the false nine

Tonight, Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri decided to go with the false nine. When the team news broke an hour before kick off it was obvious that Sarri hadn’t started a striker. Olivier Giroud was on the bench and Alvaro Morata was out due to a minor hamstring injury. Hazard played in the false nine and it has been argued that his talent was wasted with him playing upfront. It seemed as though Hazard was restricted at many points during the game holding him back from his usual potential. He couldn’t take on players like he usually does and show his flare in that position. It’s been said that Giroud should have started and Sarri should have played Hazard in midfield. The game could have gone very different for the blues if this had happened.

  1. Chelsea need a reliable striker

After tonight’s performance it is very clear that Chelsea are in need of a striker. The blues lacked a clinical point upfront tonight and they struggle without one.

Bayern Munich make fourth bid for Callum Hudson-Odoi

Callum Hudson-Odoi could be set to leave Chelsea as Bayern Munich swoop in with a £35 million pound bid for the youngster.

Bayern Munich are not backing down as they have gone in for the fourth bid for the 18 year old, forward. Hudson-Odoi has made 11 senior appearances for Chelsea in total and has proved himself in every single one. Bayern don’t seem to be resting as they put in an earlier third bid on Monday for £30 million which was turned down.

The worrying prospect for Chelsea fans is that the 18 year old has allegedly said that he wants to leave the club. If a football fan knows a player doesn’t want to be there it just doesn’t feel right. However, although the youngster has admitted this he still has 18 months left on his contract at Stamford Bridge which is a long time for a player of his age at this point in his career.

This all raises massive concerns to fans and if Chelsea really want to keep him they are going to have to change his mind. If Chelsea were to increase the 18 year olds salary and give him first team football maybe this would influence how he feels. The blues clearly don’t want to left him go as of the moment or they would have accepted the bids that had come in.

If Chelsea were to give Callum Hudson-Odoi first team football that would mean pushing players like Pedro and Willian to the bench. Both players have great talent but if Odoi was offered this there would be great competition there and it would be jaw dropping to see an 18 year old to take the position from Pedro and Willian.

The majority of Chelsea fans do not want the 18 year old to leave and this has clearly been seen on Twitter today after the news broke about the fourth bid from Bayern Munich. Chelsea fans know what a massive loss it would be. The 18 year old assisted two goals in the FA Cup third round clash with Nottingham Forest on Saturday. He also had a very strong performance which many fans praised him for and it simply couldn’t have gone unnoticed.

Also, the player would be a loss to Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri. Odoi is a very quick player and he certainly gives defenders on opposing sides massive problems. He suits Sarri’s playing style and it could be said that he could blossom under that if he got regular game time.

There is still time left in this transfer window so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea match report

​Chelsea secured a win just before the new year as they beat Crystal Palace 1-0 at Selhurst Park in the Premier League.

Chelsea looked to seal the deal as they headed into this game as they had previously had a rocky patch. Being defeated by Leicester two weeks ago was a shock to the system and they looked to make this their second Premier League win in a row as they beat Watford 2-1 on Boxing Day.

The goal come from Chelsea’s World Champion in the 51st minute of the game. Kante delivered the goal for the blues in a decisive fashion with great help from Brazilian defender David Luiz. This ensured that Chelsea got all three points on the board.

Things did not start off very well for the blues at Marcos Alonso got a yellow card inside the first ten minutes. Chelsea’s frustrations grew as they couldn’t craft out a goal in the first 45 minutes due to Roy Hodgson’s side being so defensively organised. Chelsea also were granted two free kicks which is usually their speciality however, they came to nothing.

Crystal Palace tested Chelsea and pushed them to the limits. However, in the end their efforts didn’t not pay off much to Chelsea fans delight as the blues managed to scrape by with a 1-0 victory.

Now Chelsea will move on to play Southampton at home on the 2nd of January. Maurizio Sarri’s side will look to secure another three points as they fight to stay in the top four of the table. In comparison, Roy Hodgson’s side will face a tough tie as they travel to the Molineux as they take on Wolves on the 2nd of January.

Watford 1-2 Chelsea Match report

Eden Hazard’s brace lead Chelsea to a 2-1 win over Watford at Vicarage Road on Boxing Day in the Premier League.

Eden Hazard scored two goals in the Boxing Day clash yesterday which lead him to score his 101st goal for Chelsea football club. The defeat saw 7th place Watford drop down to 9th place with 27 points as Roberto Pereya’s late first half goal was ruled out by Eden Hazard’s second half penalty.

Chelsea took the lead first towards the end of the first half. Chelsea Midfielder Mateo Kovačić assisted Eden Hazards 46th minute goal which saw the blues take the lead. However, Watford quickly reacted. A corner for the home side then lead to a goal from Roberto Pereya as he found the bottom corner of the net 48 minutes in. The second half was all to play for as it was a draw at half time.

58 minutes in Eden Hazard took a penalty for the blues. Ben Foster went the wrong way which gave the Belgian star his 101st goal of his Chelsea career.

Chelsea now sit four points behind 3rd place Manchester City with 40 points and will now travel to Crystal Palace on Sunday afternoon. The Hornets will however look to bounce back on Saturday afternoon as they welcome 15th place Newcastle United.